“Pay Close Attention”

“Pay Close Attention”

My eyes burn slightly as I close them
A slight feeling of tiredness is apparent
But my breath is easy, slow and deep
I relax in the depth it brings me
Looking out the window-my mind wanders
What is happening?
My present being as it is
Open mind and body
Another breath deep and long
Allows the heart to expand
What signs do you notice?
Any messages for you?
And do you pay attention?
What are they communicating to you?
There is no effort
If you allow it to just be

Todd Pschierer
November 27, 2018

Sometimes you have to take your own hand
as though you were a lost child
and bring yourself stumbling
home over twisted ice.

Whiteness drifts over your house.
A page of warm light
falls steady from the open door.

Here is your bed, folded open.
Lie down, lie down, let the blue snow cover you.

“Grief” by Louise Erdrich. 

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“Stay In The Moment” by Todd Pschierer

“Stay In The Moment”

If I stay in the moment—the right now—–
What do I see?
Do I miss anything?
What if I do?
I’m here–
My eyes are near
And your view is so clear
How I love your hair, your glances, your ever-loving movements
To wonder preciousness ever-lasting
Opt not to look in my rearview mirror
I taste the beauty
My mind becomes one with the universe
No regrets may enter this beloved space
So it becomes my true nature
To witness this present sphere!

Todd Pschierer
November 14, 2018
Inspired by my group last night where we worked on staying in the moment, no matter what!